Flags and Fireworks!

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Would You Buy A Double Chest of Variety Fireworks?

Yes 1 vote(s) 50.0%
No 1 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. 1:58 AM, June 28
    Status of Shop: Now Finished
    -=iiiWelcome to Flags and Fireworks!iii=-
    on /smp1 a new firework shop has now been released!

    it doesn't need someone to sell the fireworks to you, as there are shop signs and little buttons that show you the firework. You are free to check it out and enjoy.

    They have cool names such as Ragnarok and Prism however, the only firework that has an item name currently is Signal Flare. This hopefully should change. :D

    Also, it has a custom section where I can make fireworks according to how you want them.
    Here, I sell custom banners as well!

    -=iiiThanks For Coming!iii=-

    EDIT: *Facepalm* Well forgot to tell you where to go. its at 1236 :p
    EDIT OF EDIT: Well, I forgot to tell you*