Fix your problems EMC

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  1. Fix your problems. I dont even know anyone on this server, no one talks to me or even does anything with me. I used to have fun playing with everyone, joking with cordial_pie, building huge towers with gooddumbdog, building Le Edeen Dur with jacob, and btw, IcC have there own new server. Go join it: is the ip i think. I dont give a pie if you perma ban me, Emc will fall. People used to BUILD things with each other. Reses are just dirt huts. Fix this server. If you are with me, like this post. Im not asking for likes, i dont even care. Now aikar, at least maybe mod icc for now? I can name a ton of staff members who were way more inactive than icc.
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  2. wrong ip lol
    not giving you the real one though cuz i dun wanna b band
  3. Bad words, so scary.
    DemonThunder345, it's best that you do not overreact in this situation. Hopefully something can be resolved, if not, you're not helping the situation by bashing Aikar.
  4. Yeahhhh you shouldn't have posted something like this because you will be instantly banned soon. >.>
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