Fix My Grinder!

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  1. Hello,
    I currently have a minor problem with my etho single blaze grinder, I would need a trusted player to fix it ASAP. I would also pay around 3k-5k for the job since its minor. Please PM me if youre interested.

  2. In case anyone suggests me, I can't do it right now, sorry. :)
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  3. Whats the prob?
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  4. My ethos single blaze grinder has a problem. The button you use to injure the blaze doesnt work. Could you help me fix it?
    -what i wrote to Alex
  5. Send me the info in priv, if its not a long run ill come asap.

    Dont want any money for it.

    Do you have materials out there to fix it? repeaters, button, redstone and wood? etc.
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