Five Word Story.

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  1. The title says it all, every post is five words long and over time we will build a story. My first words are.

    In 2012 Endermen invaded EMC.
  2. The invasion began in SMP9
  3. in smp6 was loney then
  4. suddenly a hero appeared with
  5. A giant sword made of
  6. Diamond from smp6 and then
  7. Justin used his magic to
  8. Summon the Dark Lord Herobrine
  9. to stop the great hero
  10. And as Dark Lord said

    Edit,rofl :)
  11. Herobrine's pale white eyes staring
  12. And Then EXPLOSIONS happened from
  13. the inner mechinisms of time
  14. The End came to Minecraftia.
  15. i set move flag = false
  16. I banned ALL the items
  17. Then IceCreamCow slayed the Endermen
  18. Creepers surrounded icc in numbers
  19. But icc killed them using
  20. a Falcon Punch while Herobrine