Fishing Hole

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  1. Some of you may read the title and remember the amazing game, Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Of that small pond in Lake Hylia where you might have spent hours trying to catch the biggest fish in it. Only to fail and give up or if you were skilled enough succeed and catch the biggest fish. Along with the satisfaction you received a Piece of heart and later the Golden Scale. Well i present to you the ground level of my residence and my first EMC creation. It's far from a replica but i'm satisfied on how it turned out :).

    I tried to get the hut to match the game as much as i possibly could. Think i did a decent job other than not including a fishing tank, oh and extra layers on the ceiling. Also instead of a small pond i have a large lake that takes up the majority of my ground level. With an added structure for viewing luxury at the bottom, a glass dome with glow stone illuminating it. It's been around for awhile now so a few of you on SMP1 might have already been here and seen it.

    I have "limited" complimentary fishing rods and boats for use in the DC, so please be courteous and return them when you are finished using them. Also I've added a C that sells fishing rods, mainly for when someone isn't courteous and empties the DC :(. I also have a juke box behind the counter for ear pleasure. Simply pm me when your here that you want some ambiance and i'll come down and play the calming CD's that i own.(Mall,Strad,Ward,Far) I guess that would be all i have to say =P i hope you will enjoy your stay at the EMC fishing hole.

    Please leave feedback and opinions. I enjoy hearing the thoughts of others on things that i build :). Oh and please let me know when the DC is empty, i'll try to refill it as soon as possible but it's not free.

    2013-11-03_23.45.50.png 2013-11-03_23.46.09.png 2013-11-03_23.46.15.png 2013-11-03_23.46.25.png 2013-11-03_23.47.13.png
  2. This would be great in 1.7, ill stick to fishing inrl for now :)
  3. Yeah i heard about all the new fish coming, should be interesting. I haven't been fishing in about 2 years now. Should really try to get a day in for that soon :).