Fish Naming Contest

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  1. I am hosting a Fish Naming Contest for the SMP9 Aquarium!
    1. Write in a book Original Names for the 4 different kinds of fish along with a short (and funny!)description that could fit on a few signs.
    2. Sign the book "Contest", and place it in the donation hoppers at 18606 on SMP9.
    3. I will pick the best name for each fish, and along with the description, place it on signs in the tunnel in front of the pixel art fish.

    Follow this design when writing in the book - you may NOT use these examples:

    Pufferfish - Pufferlan - Native to the Waters of EMC, this fish is a very rare catch, and may blow up if threatened.
    Clownfish - The Flying Nemo - Living only in the deep waters off the coast of SMP9, The Flying Nemo is said to jump out of the ocean on nights of the Full Moon.

    Continue this design for the other 2 kinds of fish.
    This Contest will be going until 12:00 noon PST 2/13/14, the day before the Aquariums Grand Opening. So make sure to get your books signed before then!!!

    P.S. Prizes will be:
    1. The fact that you won the contest and got your name and description of the fish on signs, and
    2. possibly have 100r given to the each of the people who got their names and descriptions of the fish.
  2. what are the prizes?
  3. The fact that your fishes name and description is used, and maybe 100r to the creator of each name and description that wins