First Witch Hut Of EMC

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  1. While exploring our newly generated land, we came across a witch hut. Also a few strange mobs. And also some carrots and potatoes. Thanks to ArtemisV for the help. Also found two desert wells. 2012-10-31_02.38.40.png 2012-10-31_02.34.38.png 2012-10-31_02.20.59.png
  2. Egg the witch and sell me it?

    Looks fun, you should post what happened when you found it :)
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  4. Sadly No Witch Inside :(
  5. Found one before on SMP4
  6. I will control xXI_LIKE_A_PIGXx with a carrot on a stick haha.
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  7. Yep, they usually just walk out of it and either die or wander off.
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  8. Or despawn
  9. I totally read the title as "First Witch Hunt Of EMC" and was like "oh no..." O.O
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  10. Can you sell me a carrot
  11. Gidy up! ;)
  12. JackBiggin, he knows everything >.>... j/k xD
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  13. Lol
    "Come here piggeh, look at this tasty carrot, follow it..."