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  1. Hey everyone. This is my first thread, only just figured out how to do them :p but please follow me on and also i have a great shop on smp6! res number: 12943
  2. I'm also on SMP6, but you said that your shop was closed until the 1.3 update. Is it open now, before the update comes out?
  3. Welcome to the empire! :D
  4. :D I've been on Empire since April but only just figured out how to post threads :p and sorry foodenator i re-opened my shop because i wasnt making any rupees :p
  5. Oh well, anyway "welcome"
  6. Did you know that I like pigs?
  7. And i like popcorn, it rocks even more than pigs
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  8. :D thx Popcorn, and yes i realised, hence your name :p
  9. Welcome to the Forums.
  10. And I like pigs and popcorn, hence my name, foodenator.
  11. Thank you, Thank you, didnt know so many poeple actually read stuff om :D
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  12. lolol, well i have to say this..... i like mice :)
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  13. is the *proper* term. :D
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  14. oh, ok thx, ill say that from now on.
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  15. And i thought I was going to follow you!
    Pigs are BEASTIER then your lame popcorn, muhahahahahaaa
  16. Mice are awesome =)
  17. lol u guy are just weird welcome to the threads and yada yada yada bye bye
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  18. :D ikr, oh and can you guys plz follow me? ill also give you a free diamond if you want! smp6: 12943 come to me once your following me
  19. lol keep ur diamond
  20. Lol, I was kidding.