First Playable Tic-Tac-Toe

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  1. Hey guys and girls!! I am on a mission to be the first person (that I know of) To have a fully working and playable tic-tac-toe. I am looking to buy some stuff but donations are greatly appreciated, Here is what I need:

    - 3 Stacks of blue wool
    - 3 stacks of orange wool
    - 1 stack of sticky pistons
    - 2 stacks of redstone
    - 2 stacks of repeaters
    - 1 stack of redstone torches
    - 10 stacks of nether brick

    Message me with a price you are willing to sell for and I will let you know ASAP.

    Here is what it will look like (I made this in creative mode):

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  2. SMP2, /v 3456 I have the following

    3 stacks of orange wool - Purple Floor
    1/2 stack of sticky pistons - Blue Floor
    4 stacks of redstone - Blue Floor
    1/2 stack of repeaters - Blue Floor
    1 stack of redstone torches - Blue Floor
  3. Its not the first tic tac toe.

    but good luck with the project - looks nice and clean so far..
  4. How for each of those items?
  5. Bob maybe starting a sheep farm would help with the wool part of it. I believe dubzy1's shop on smp2 sells stacks of redstone. I think it is a great idea and I would love to try it once you are finished :)
  6. It's kind of hard because of my lot (8017 on smp4). When it gets done it will be free to play! :D
  7. Well if you want you can use the underground area of my res on smp7
  8. I'm not sure....
  9. I have a stack of sticky pistone for 3200 if you want i will set u a shop at 10005 smp5
  10. Bob, you know my res 9129 is for games for peoples amusement, u could build it there, and I sell sticky pistons for as low as 85r each (have like 40 in stock)
  11. I sell pistons for 50r each at 10005
  12. I will take some, how much?
  13. I am selling 47 for 2350 or 50 r each
  14. Go on smp1 and go to 103 and get free wool there
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  15. Ok thanks!