First Empirecraft tutorial video is out!

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  1. Sorry for the little bit of lag I don't have optifine for 1.2.4 yet but it is out. The eggification feature of Empire Minecraft. Thanks to JustinGuy for the idea and support.

    If you are interested in helping me or posting ideas please comment and tell me what to do next!
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  2. How to find a res. etc for new players would be good, i know a lot of the "children" who play this server don't want to be reading reams of text when joining, a video would be fun for them.
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  3. a res.etc? I am not familiar with the term could you clarify?
  4. res. abbreviation of residence, use a punctuation mark to show that a word has been shorted in some way. :)
    etc is 'et cetera' a latin saying meaning 'and other things.'
    So my previous post was suggesting you do a tutorial of how a new player can find their first residence, claim it and begin they're imaginations trees.
  5. i think he means show how to claim a residence in town to assist the people who can't seem to read the guide :p any way very nice video my good man and thanks for the little plug at the end :) One thing that I would suggest as a slight improvement to the video is to explain a bit more of the eggification, like to have mentioned villagers, and that new animals spawn babies, sheep loose their color, etc. all of the little 'hitches' that come along with it
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  6. Wow this was like. So indepth! I now know the meaning of life (42)
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  9. Well said s.w.m. :)
    42 as the Late Douglas Adams wrote, is in fact not the answer to 'Life the Universe and Everything!' but is mearly the answer to the "Ultimate Question of 'Life the Universe and Everything.'"
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  10. I read ALL the books :D Loved mostly harmless
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  12. Found a good tutorial video on how to link up nether portals!