First 10 Minutes Of Minecraft Guide

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft! I would like to show you all my Guide to early beginners of the wonderfull Pc Game, Minecraft!
    First Things First. Go To a nearby Tree And Punch it, Like this -
    Next, After you have at least 1 Piece Of Wood, Craft A Crafting Table (Lets You Build A lot More things In A 3x3 Grid) - 2013-07-27_11.44.59.png
    After That. Why Not Craft a Wood Pickaxe With 2 Sticks In the Middle And 3 Oak Planks On Top (Oak Planks Crafted by placing 1 Oak Log in a Table)
    Make A Staircase through the dirt till you reach Stone. Mine at least 32 Before going back up. -
    Then. Why Not Make A Stone Sword And Axe, 2013-07-27_11.55.43.png Then Cut Alot More Wood. And Start Your House Before Night Fall
    I Hoped you liked my Guide

    Vote Yes If you want me to make another guide!
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  2. I wouldn't just straight away start digging.. I'd go search not too far from spawn to find exposed coal in the side of a hill/exposed cave and craft torches with that coal. You can dig the stone around the coal for enough stone to craft a pickaxe to mine it. That alone leaves you with roughly 2 minutes to build a shelter. If I were you I'd simple dig a 3 deep hole and patch the top so no mobs can fall in and come back up after 5 minutes. In the mean time you can craft some tools/planks out of the items you harvested. Then start punching trees 'till you drop and stay in a hole again. (By this point you could also craft a chest to keep items in if you wanted) THEN you will have enough time to build a nice house out of the materials you crafted in the hole while you were waiting out the night.

    My over-detailed guide on your first 15 minutes^
  3. I would actually, as you can smelt logs to get charcoal. :l
  4. PFFFT torches aren't necessary
    I go mining all the time without em, you just don't need torches :p
  5. Torches to prevent mobs from spawning in your house..
  6. I guess it wasn't to good. It was my first guide :p
  7. Can I ask something, why did you post this on servers forum that starts you out in a tutorial and then gives you a plot of land safe from monsters? :)
  8. There's also Single player and it was a guide to new members who just joined MC
  9. Though most new members (including me :p) use peaceful mode on their first ever survival world :)