Fireworks Teaser

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  1. Sometime soon, I'll begin hosting fireworks parties at the Empire MineCast HQ at res 201 on smp1. I (along with teal_gummybear and xxminecraft20) have built several fireworks launchers on the roof.

    The reason I'm making this post is twofold. First, fireworks are awesome, but only if there are people around to enjoy them. I'll let everyone know when I'm going to put on a fireworks show. If you're ever online when one of the fireworks displays is about to begin, type /v 201, step back across the road, and look up.

    Second, fireworks are expensive. Each single firing costs up to 2k, so a 2-3 minute show might cost 20k or more. Please consider donating to the shows :) You can let me know in game or in a PM on the site that your donation is meant for the fireworks shows, and I'll be sure to use it only for the fireworks.

    I'll update this post soon with a picture of a fireworks display, but the only one I have at the moment doesn't really do it justice. Keep your eyes open for the shows, and ENJOY :)

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  2. I've set up a chest for you, on my res (2417), that I will put TNT in whenever I make more
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