Fireworks Still In Demand?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by azoundria, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Are there still people looking for fireworks, who haven't been able to get them?
  2. Not really in demand, most people have fireworks. Sulphur is a little in demand though.
  3. I will buy sulphur in bulks of 16-64 of 16-18r per sulphur. Contact me if u willing to sell
  4. Fireworks or EMC fireworks? Because me and my brother have a lot of EMC fireworks we could sell.
  5. The EMC firework thing isn't really happening just now. One sold for 18k yesterday, so a straight loss of 2k there somewhere down the line.

    They wont go up in value for months, if at all. For 20k you can get a lot more normal ones in different varieties.
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  6. :D lol I won the 18k fire work and they will go up once we are able to vault it, people want to bring it to their home server, but with the vault taking away its properties people don't want them unless they are on their server. We just have to wait a bit :D
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