Fireworks on SMP7!

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  1. Hey guys, on the 23rd iSMOOCH was kind enough to show off some of the custom EMC fireworks on Pab10S' res, thought you EMCers might enjoy some of the screenshots i took (sorry if they're a bit awkward, the awesomeness of the fireworks caused me to crash... several times). 2012-12-23_21.33.44.png 2012-12-23_21.32.42.png 2012-12-23_21.33.55.png 2012-12-23_21.32.44.png Again, really sorry about my bad photography skills. Special thanks to iSMOOCH, and Pab10S.

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  2. Sweet - when will these fireworks be available or are they already? :D
  3. Im not sure, you'll have to ask iSMOOCH :p