Firework Showdown Contest

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Should I do something like this in the future, you tell me.

Yes. This is a good idea. 3 vote(s) 75.0%
I could go either way. 1 vote(s) 25.0%
I hate it. Never do this again. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. <This like is intentionally left blank for no reason>
    I have recently returned to EMC after another extended break. And what better way to celebrate me than by giving out prizes to lucky winner for making beautiful works of art in form of giant balls of fire in the sky. So here's the basis:
    Create a custom firework design (preferably on an EMC server as
    you will need proof to claim your prize if you win)
    Launch said firework
    Take pictures of said firework in several stages (such as initial, spread and fade)
    Post the pictures in the comment with the name/make an album on imgur or the likes and link it
    Hope you get voted for
    Current prizes are:
    First place:
    5000 rupees
    8 diamonds
    Second place:
    2000 rupees
    64 nether quartz
    Third place:
    1000 rupees
    (if one player is found using mods to make their rocket more fabulous and wins, everyone moves up one so the spot is filled and 4th place gets a prize)
    (material prizes will be picked up at my res, SMP8-16799)
    I will also be giving away my original prototype of "Earth Shatter", my amazing firework that I expect nobody to copy because you people are nice. I think. The firework will be given to anyone posting a firework of theirs using but please note that the comment # you have will be your number in (and non-entry comments do not count)
    If you would like to donate, please contact me in game (preferably) or send me a message here on the forums. Preferably monetary donations as rupees are easier to deliver.

    You will have until December 10th to create the firework (including the 10th)
    and until the 15th to vote. Please vote by messaging me through the EMC forums and please,
    Don't vote for your firework
    This contest has no limitations so whether you have 1 day on EMC and want to get started off on the right foot or 700 days and just want to do it for the fun or even staff who I'm expecting will decline the reward because they are nice.... AREN'T THEY...
    Have fun and good luck to all
    (And please, no single color, single layer fireworks. Be original.)
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  2. Bump! Edited prize rupees (Yeah, by a small bit but it still went up.) C'mon people, I know you have that random 5 red dye, 7 purple dye and 1 lime or whatever hidden in your chests. Even if you enter in a very simple design, it could win if simplicity is key to it. Just try, people!