Firework Show(s)

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  1. On every Christmas,New Year, and 4th of July at 12781 on smp6 is a firework show.

    Christmas has 2 Firework Shows, at 6PM EST and 8PM EST

    The New Year Times are the same as the Christmas Shows.

    4TH of July Times are not announced

    Credits to jeffleecon for hosting the event.

    I am the firework manger, so thats why I am posting this thread.

    Tickets are around 50r

    Thank you and please donate (we want a creeper firework(s) )
  2. Oh hi
  3. Hi People as you know i am hosting the 1st annual firework events, as of the moment i need 7,000 r to get just 1 creeper firework if you are the one who donates the most you will get to pick the colors of the creeper firework and you will get a shout out thank you
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  5. Do you want to buy a ticket?
  6. Yes, if someone else assists apart from me.
  7. What does that mean
  8. Well, use Google translate.
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  10. hello again all companys and friends on Empire Minecraft Epic and I have decided that if you are a company or group of frined or just want to be nice to the compunity you can reserve shows and it depends what you want to have at the show for the cost, Once Again Thank You