firework problems

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  1. I am annoyed. I have been basically kicked out of my residence and sent to the wilderness by someone putting their fireworks constantly on repeat. I have spoke to staff (Bigdavie) but I really wish the problem would be sorted out quicker. my minecraft crashes anytime i go near that residence. its been a week now but nothings changed. HELP!
  2. Well, that person will either have their res reset, asked to stop, or temp banned/ kicked/ permanent banned.
  3. just talk to person
  4. mmm yeah its just that staff haven't changed anything since my complaint a week ago
  5. and as for the guy who owns the residence i have never seen him on
  6. Do you know what actually crashes your MC?
  7. Turn your particles to minimal, that persons particle count ranges from 1500-4000
  8. ok i'll try that thanks =)
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  9. oh my just realised my particles were already on minimal XD
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