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  1. what is the command for firespread
  2. Do you want to enable it? In which case it would be /res pset firespread t
    or disable it by typing /res pset firespread f

    Here is the list of commands that are available to us :)
  3. I 'think' firespread is entire res based so use

    /res SET firespread t or f

    pset is for individual perms
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  4. Actually it is /res set firespread false (if you type pset it will not work)

    EDIT: Mystul beat me to it :)
  5. Just a warning: if you disable firespread, you disable grass's ability to grow on your lot. If you're farming sheep, put out your fireplaces/lava and turn it back on : )
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  6. My bad, I stand corrected, thanks guys :)