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  1. I'm building a fireplace, where it will light netherack from a dispensor with a flint/steel inside. A lever turns it on and off. But for some reason it wont there a flag or something I need to do or what? I've looked at the available flags and not sure if any apply to this?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. if its your own res you might have firespread off
  3. I seem to remember that dispensers will not cause fire, be it flint and steel or fire charge so as to remove the possibility of greifing
  4. Turning that on should fix it. :)
  5. and having a fireplace with firespread on in a wood house.....not good :(

    But if you have stone around it....why does it still set the house on fire? I mean how much stone do you need to have a safe fireplace in a wood house?
  6. i think you mean having a fire in a wood house = not good :p
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  7. Ok, without the dispensors, it still looks good. :p