Firebox360's Grand Shop/hotel! Smp3 lot 6493

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  1. The long construction of my hotel is getting better everyday. I have recently officially created a nice shop with building materials (cobble, stone, brick, exc) And many ores (iron, gold, diamond, coal, redstone) And a misc. section, and a place that you can sell me Wool (4 for 2R any color)
    Now on with the details for my hotel, i have recently begun with the creation of my Suites, and am in the process of creating multiple. I only have 1 as of now
    If you are interested in the shop, or staying in my hotel (The hotel stay is if you want to Cross servers without paying for the purchase vault 100 times) Then just let me know, and check out my lot! You wont regret it!
  2. I forgot to mention, i also now sell Ore blocks (coal, lapis, redstone, and diamond)