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  1. first off: sorry if this has been asked before, I cant find another topic with this question...

    now, the question: Can fire spread be turned off on your res, if yes, how?
    (and to expand that a little(99%sure its a no, but always worth asking): is it possible to disable it on certain parts of my res? so on like 1/4 of my res I want it off(my wooden house :p) and on the rest I want it on? is that possible?)
  2. As of this time, you can't set permissions to only parts of your res...however you can turn firespread off with /res set firespread false. Note, this will also stop your grass from growing. (We have NO idea why MC links grass and fire, lol)
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  3. okay...
    ty for the quick reply :D
    hard choice to make though... sheep or fire :(
  4. Perhaps the spreading calculation is shared?

    Also, would it be possible to get all of the possible flags/chat command into the empire guide at some point? This command is very useful, but not listed. One more example, Crazy's recent find of how res flags can be done remotely with /res set res# ect.
  5. would be a good idea to add em to the empire guide... that would also make it easier to answer those caps shouting in chat if theres a way to turn fire off (prolly after they set fire to their res :p)
  6. It also stops Mushrooms from spreading, or any other form of spreading that you may encounter. It's a dangerous setting in the sense that it will easily break many functions on your residence.

    I also "discovered" the amazing "/res gset" function. While it doesn't do anything, it is a nice thing to know about. :)
  7. Does 'spreading' also include melons&pumpkins?
  8. Beg pardon for being inherently stupid, but why is it a nice thing to know about if it doesn't do anything? :confused:

    Very probably. The spread function is probably routed to fire, grass, etc. through timers (clocks are the technical term for them, I believe), which then regulate the speed of the function.
    So turning off the spread function means nothing can spread anymore. There's probably a way to turn off the spread function for specific items, but we don't have that power on EMC.

    That's my (rough) understanding of it, anyways! :p


    *resists urge to make bad joke about "spreading" and "melons"...*
    No, that's the "growth" function. The "spread" function is completely different.
  9. Because the more people that know, the larger chance of it doing something in the future. While it may seem insignificant to you, that is your opinion. When I found it out I felt like it was pretty darn cool. If you don't think that way, I am not one to change you.

    Oh, and that joke would have been very crude and inappropriate, thank you for not making it.
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  10. Please keep in mind that this is the first time I've heard about said command...

    And you're welcome. I really shouldn't even have mentioned it... but... well...

    ...what can I say? Sometimes the better half of me loses. :(