Fire glitch or I got griefed

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  1. I've noticed little fires popping up here and there at my underground base in the Wild. I was told sometimes this can happen on obsidian if directly on top of lava. So, I fixed that particular issue just to be safe.

    But, I went to my animal pens today and nearly all the fences were missing around my sheep pen, and all but one of my sheep were gone. Several of the wood blocks under the fences were gone too. However, all my other animals and pens are fine.

    So, I've either been griefed in an odd way (nothing else was ruined or taken) or a fire may have occurred. Strange thing is, there is no obsidian or lava directly. underneath these pens.
  2. I would suggest lightning, but you said it was underground...
  3. I don't know because I thought that fence couldn't burn.
  4. Someone wanted some sheepies....
  5. I went to the crime scene and found this note:
    I haz vilagers and them board so i borowed u sheeps to put on a show

    Nah In all searious i think that you may have been greifed. but thats the risk of living in the wild.
  6. It sounds like fire to me. What level were the sheep pens?
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  7. Sheep may escape, but blocks are not broken... griefing probably
  8. I'm not in game atm, but about level 12, I think. But there are at least 2-3 blocks of dirt and stone underneath the wood and fences that disappeared. There was a lot of lava in that whole area, which I turned to obsidian. I had then mined it all up and got rid of any remaining lava that I found once I learned about the fire glitch. It's possible there might still be lava several blocks below the pens, but it doesn't seem like that should affect anything, does it?
  9. lava will eventually ignite anything flammable up to 3 blocks in any direction from it.
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  12. I'd check around the area your pen was just to check for lava pools :)
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