Fire Arena

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  1. I just had the best idea!! It's kinda like a mini game in EMC. So each player is armed with 2 flint and steel, 1 lava bucket, and a fire resistance potion. (The one that lasts the shortest) And the players go to a desert biome. And what do they do?? Fight to the death by burning each other to death!!! And the spectators can gamble and bet who will win. And just to make sure everyone understands, I'll give an example on how the spectators will gamble:

    Steve: 12,000r on Maxarias
    McBiggin: 30,000r on collect12
    Joe: 3,000r on Maxarias
    Mohammad: 4,000r on collect12
    (The smallest bet available is 1,000r, and the bet must be a even number, like 2,4,6,8,10, etc.)
    And Maxarias win. And since McBiggin and Mohammad's bets together is 34,000r, and 2 people bet on Maxarias, 34,000 divided by 2 = 17,000r. So Steve and Joe each receive 17,000r. And who will do the math? I will. But if I'm fighting, someone will take over me.
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  2. this sounds cool! i like it!:)
  3. Why is my name mentioned? 0_o
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  4. Couldn't think of any other name other than collect12 and Maxarias.
  5. When did you hear of me?!
  6. Dunno. Derp.
  7. Also, what does derp mean?
  8. Deploy Every Raccoon Pirate
  9. LOL
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  10. This kinda goes against the empire guide (No PVP ANYWHERE). If u could have ICC approve it, It would be great.
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  11. Not really... It's not PvP exactly.
  12. It is PvP, if you don't think it is then you should know that hurting a player in any way is PvP.

    EMC will have a PvP server eventually - will never been allowed on our SMP's aside from non-lethal dueling - which is where this would be if it was implemented which I doubt it will be. It contradicts the amazing ideas and thought that goes into our updates. :)
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  13. I sent a message to ICC to try and get him to approve it.
  14. I think the fire resistance potion is a bad idea. Who agrees?
  15. Me.

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  16. this sounds awesome! I would enter if this was a contest. If you win, (like the real game not spectating) do you get R?:eek:
  17. I'll have to think about that factor.
  18. Okay..... The players have to place bets on themselves. So whoever wins, all the other players have to give the rupees to the winner. Here's an example:

    Electrobomb:5,000r on me
    IceCreamCow: 10,000r on me
    Ryuga_XI: 0r on me (Yes, that's allowed.)
    PandasEatRamen: 1,000r on me

    And Electrobomb wins. So 10,000 + 0 + 1,000 = 11,000r. So Electrobomb gets 11,000r.