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  1. HELLO EMPIRE!!!!!!:cool:
    My colleague Frosty_Penguin and I ThirstyMoose are starting the Finest Supply Co. on SMP2! You may ask, what is the purpose of this business? Well, we provide products and items in bulk to you. You simply request and item, the quantity, and time you need it in. You can submit your request via forums messaging or reply, PM'ing ThirstyMoose or Frosty_Penguin, or at res # 4077 at headquarters in the hopper request bin. We also have a shop, and the location you will pick up your special requested orders located at res # 4076 (beside 4077). We have a shop that sells in bulk we will rotate random items to sell here weekly and will also have chests in which your special orders will be ready to be obtained by you. In addition at res #4077 we have an enchantment shop and additional services! If you have any orders or questions about this new business, feel free to ask Frosty_Penguin or I ThirstyMoose!
  2. I would like to purchase 4 dc of quartz flakes. I would need to know the cost first though...
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  3. I'd buy a DC of netherbrick, if you could tell me how much that'd cost?
  4. WeirdManaico, I would charge 45k for that order.
  5. xHaro_Der, I would charge you 5,300
  6. no scratch that 5k!
  7. I appreciate the quote but I'm sorry to say I can get it from other suppliers for a lot cheaper.. :(
  8. how much cheaper?
    I can go lower
  9. Alright final offer, I will go dc of netherbrick for 2k
  10. Done deal and I'll buy a DC and I'll consider another DC in a week or so if I still need more.
  11. okay, so it'll be ready in a week!! Deal! Sounds good!
  12. A week :\

    I'd like it sooner but I guess I can wait a week since the price is 2k..
  13. How much would a sc of glowstone cost?
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  14. A DC of nether brick for 2k... Holy crap, that is CHEAP.
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  15. how muchg is an sc of paper?
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  16. 400 Rupees. A sign will be put up at 4077 after you make the payment.
  17. Ikr.

    Oh yeah I might place another order if the price is right. How much is a DC of glowstone going to run me?
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  18. 50k, i talked to ThirstyMoose on SMP2.
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  19. 45k for a dc of quartz blocks? May I suggest raising the price... A lot.
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