Finch, will not he online much for the next while.....

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  1. Hey EMC,

    ON cell do can't type much. But my dad won't stop swearing at me and he disconnected the Internet. coz he says that I spend too much time on the computer. he says I lie and I use it for game yet I have school work on it and looking for jobs.

    So I won't be on much for the next few months and he refuses to pay for Internet access at the new house.

    Add me on Skype @ Google_Support, it's the red gta v.

  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope he will pay again.
  3. Nope. I am the only one in my family that uses a computer. And my whole job is on computers yet he gets mad for me because I am on one. He says I lie about my friend's but no one has a job and thet are on more than me.
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  4. Sorry to hear that :( You will be missed
  5. The internet is basically a utility.. I am sorry to hear.