Final Push to Complete King Dirtman

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  1. Hi all,

    A couple of days ago I decided I would build a Giant dirtman and here we are on one of the last days. The final stage is a diamond sword which I will need about 42 black wool, 10 glowstone and about 3 stacks of Blue/cyan wool.

    P.S: This is on smp3, my res number is 7112 and there is a chest at my res spawn to put these resources in if you wish to donate.

    P.P.S: I will let you know if I need more than I asked for here. Hope you like it ;).
  2. For the final final stage I will make a heart or brain for him. What do you think players?:confused:
  3. New Interior of King Dirtman is now open! This includes 2 new observation decks one within the head and one on top of it! Personaly I think it is THE BEST VIEW IN ALL OF SMP3!:D
  4. Looks BEAST
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  5. Thanks meincravta :). But thats not the reason I'm posting the reason is that I've finally started the diamond sword but really didn't have much to start with so plz donate blue/cyan wool and as always a small coment is always appreciated:D.

    P.S: also plz leave some black wool in chest at my res spawn if possible. Thanks.
  6. ANOTHER post I know and this is not a bump. A new friend called Cooloptik has joined the building procces for king dirtman so if your at my res on smp 3 you'll see him a lot! so thats really all I have to say but I do need some purple and white wool and you'll have to wait to find out what it is for;).
  7. yah im part of the team now
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  8. sos jong i moved to an on other server cos smp3 ant working
  9. Ok well thats a shame:( lets just hope you can connect soon and be sure to visit my res again soon (once you can connect) anyway thanks for telling me.
  10. mate pls i keep getin this

    java socket conectionon

    wats going on
  11. Are you sure you havent updated?
  12. Yeah cool You might of updated but then it wouldn't say java or would it I'm no computer expert but if you do make back-ups with winzip (if you use windows) you could maybe try right clicking on that and then click the "extract to here" command (or so I beleive that to work) but it may take yo back to whatever version you were using when backed up and you may lose maps you created after the back-up. Thats all I know to help restore the old so hope you can fix it soon.
  13. im back on see u on 6th of march
  14. i just deleted java on control panal and re installed it after