fighting the wither

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  1. hello i want to make a beacon and figure i have to fight the wither. i saw you can summon one. when i kill wither skeletons in the nether they just drop skeleton head could i use them as well to make the wither?
  2. Only wither skeleton skulls can create a wither. :)
  3. wither skeletons do not drop skeleton skulls as said above they drop wither skeleton skulls which are grey and a bit different.
  4. incorrect, wither skeletons on emc are able to drop both normal skeleton heads as well as wither skulls, only the wither skulls will summon the wither however
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  5. Wither Skeletons will drop both types of heads. You should enchant your sword with looting 3 to get them more often.
  6. I used to have a wither killing buisness. If you need tips ask me:)
  7. Yes I have the sword at lootin 3 and after 3 hours of killing them I only got 2 wither heads. And I'm playing in difficulty 7. Thank you all for your help.