Few things you might like to know about me

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  1. and he forgot about zombies
  2. Plus leaves, lily pads, vines, Mossy cobble and Moss brick.
  3. Well, tell the comminiouty
  4. true.
  5. Community?
  6. That was my attempt to introduce myself in a similar fashion as V.

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  7. Your always like this o.o
  8. Guys! Don't make Green your enemy! He has Red and Pink as well!
  9. Yawn... I have a life you know! I'll start the page when I'm home. :)
  10. Yes, you do have a life, and a destiny. I declare your life is your wiki and your destiny is to make a page about me! Be sure to make it extra sparkly and cover it with unicorns.

    Ah yes, and I'll finish the rules page as soon as I can!
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  11. The comic book was better. Also check out my signature.
  12. Oookkkk, want me to greenify it? :)
  13. Nah, then everyone might think I wrote it.
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  14. Which could act as a constant reminder to edit it :) *hint hint*
  15. I'm jealous.. You have so many rare dragons on your scroll, I can't even find one.. I was able to find a green and purple one recently for their BSA's and I also was able to snatch a turpentine (the newest one) but I still haven't found any rares.. I wish I was able to get a pumpkin dragon.. t-t.
  16. Dragons? Where!? I STAND FOR CAMELOT!
  17. :confused:
  18. You mean OVAR NINE THOUSAND?