Fellyboy's Mega-Mall Building Service!

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  1. You want a Mega-Mall but can't build one? don't have the time? Come to Fellyboy's Mega-Mall Building Service! I will build you a Mega-Mall so you can start making some wonga!


    50,000R - You supply.

    160,000R - I supply.


    1-3 Weeks (Depending on how much time I have free)

    You give me a rough idea of what you want and I will do my very best to make your wish come true:D

    I am recruiting worker's, only if the business get's running:)


  2. Please keep bumps at least 6 hours apart from the last post :).
  3. How much would it be if you supplied all the materials? or will you not do that?
  4. At the moment I wasnt going to do that but later i might bring it in, sorry
  5. ok, just making sure.
  6. haha thats fine:)
  7. changed price! Now 50K
  8. I might need you :)
  9. Ok thats great, do you want to pm me some details?
  10. booked until 10-17th of january, i am taking orders for after then first come first serve
  11. I now supply
  12. Is the supply thing like you will even supply massive amounts of diamond blocks? Also can we see your work?
  13. He is corrently working on my mall 8402 just he didn't design it
  14. The blocks will depend on the price set, the higher the price the more diamond etc blocks.

    Sure, my res is 908 on SMP1. I also created 9122 but I destroyed parts to create 908 and also created 9139 before nfell got banned and the res reset.