Felly Supply Co.

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  1. Hi guys, some bad news sorry, due to where I was storing my stuff with a friend and he's just been banned. So if his res is reset or at the moment i'm unable to access the reses

    Welcome To Felly Supply Co. I will be supplying building blocks, sugarcane, redstone, coal and iron

    Felly Supply Co.

    Order Form:

    Quantity (Max 5 DC Per Item)
    Total Price:

    Collection: NEW ADDRESS PICK-UP 1007 SMP1

    • Cobblestone-Stack: 20R SC: 500R DC: 950R-Out Of Stock! More Soon!
    • Stone/Stone Brick-Stack: 40R SC: 1,000R DC: 1,900R
    • Sand-Stack: 30R SC: 750R DC: 1,400R
    • Sandstone (Any type)-Stack: 120R SC: 3,000R DC: 5,800R
    • Glass-Stack: 60R SC: 1,500R DC: 2,900R
    • Logs(Any Type)-Stack 100R SC: 2700R DC: 5200R
    • Obsidian-Stack: 512R SC: 13,000R DC: 24,800R
    • Sugarcane/Paper-Stack: 14R SC: 350R DC: 680R
    • Iron Ingot-Stack: 256R SC: 6912R
    • Coal-Stack: 100R SC: 2700R
    • Redstone-Stack: 100r SC: 2700R-Out Of Stock! More Soon!
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  2. Items: Redstone
    Quantity: 1 SC
    Total Price: 2,700r
  3. Ok thanks your order will be ready shortly
  4. Items: Redstone
    Quantity: 2 DC
    Total Price: 10,800r


    Items: Cobblestone
    Quantity: 2 DC
    Total Price: 1,900r

  5. cad your order is done pls pay me and your order will be at 908 and flamingpotato same for you
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  6. No melons D:
  7. sorry =(((((
  8. I paid for it all, will pickup later today, thanks.
  9. ok its to the right on my res
  10. Ok felly ill pay asap and pickup.
  11. Ok i paid please setup my chest :)
  12. I know its out of stock atm, but when you get a DC of Redstone could you reserve it for me and let me know so I can pay you and pickup. There would be no real deadline, just as soon as you are back in stock?
  13. Item: Double chest of cobblestone
    Quantity 3
    Total Price: 2850r

    Item: Double chest of sand
    Quantity 3
    Total Price: 4200r
  14. UMMMM can my chest be setup soon?
  15. Item: Double chest of sand
    Quantity: 5
    Total Price: 14,500r