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  1. Hey EMC! Today is one of those days where I have to meet more of you. That's also the time I follow more people! So today I want to see that geek side of you. Well here's is my go :p

    I play LoZ or legend of zelda for those who don't know. And I own 7 versions: OoT, MM, TP, PH, Four swords adventures, aLBW. I also play Pokemon and my first was diamond and I played platinum, soul silver, black, black2 and I hope to get Y. Another game is (looks through cool games). Ok my gaming history! So the first video game That had nothing to do with education is New Super Mario Bros. and I never really beat it until I learned logic. I played it at around 4-5years old. Later,platformer games gotten old and what-not so i moved to the most epic game genre in history; RPG!! It's the only Games I play! And the oldest game I played was either LoZ-OoT or super mario sunshine (GameCube)

    Well what's yours (sry for bad conclusion)
  2. I love LoZ :D I just recently got Link Between Worlds \o3o/. I used to have all of them whether they were on NES, Gamecube, N64 or gameboy. :3
  3. I am more on the nerd side of things, thank you very much. :cool:

    One of my first games I played was ToonTown. Ahh, very good times. I was friends with this giant purple dog who was always 2x better than me. I don't remember the leveling system in ToonTown, but I remember I was something like 100+ or so. I remember I always made new friends in that game, and sometimes I went to my house with my friend, and I always went into the editing mode while he was hanging out, and I would trap him with my furniture. >: D I also played Maplestory, I still do sometimes. It was a good game, but then now I hear it's run by money hungry South Koreans. Lovely. I also played this one game called Poptag, but sadly it is now also shutdown.

    I don't really have much current games I'm playing right now, excepting Minecraft, GMOD, and ROBLOX. (Yes, I play ROBLOX, I find it kinda fun in the group side of things.)
    I suppose I'm trying to learn more how to do technical things on the computer. (Creating textures, learning how to code in LUA, learning how to animate, learning how to youtube better.)

    Hmm... What else to put here... aha!
  4. It's so great of a game that I can picture a master sword hanging on my wall! And magically my left hand is stronger that my right even though I don't use it.
    well i need someone to test my W.I.P. resource pack.
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