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  1. i figured it would be a great idea to post this here in the random topic forum because it is nothing short of random.
    i am sure you all know i am obsessed with batman, or it should be obvious, as my minecraft name, my skin, and the fact that i have a batman bikini on in my profile photo. anyway, off topic (my bad) anyway, i have been searching and searching the internet for months out of the four years i have had snake bites to find a set of batman rings..... and i always fail. they have batman for belly rings, ear rings, plugs, and more and more for batman, but nothing for lip rings.

    and i know everyone here is amazing, because that is what i gather of this bunch of people :) and i am sure SOMEONE here has at least come across them at some point (maybe) or could at least help me. lol. it would be sooooooooooo appreciated. lol

    Meghan :)
  2. So basically ... You're looking for a Batman Snakebite Ring link? Or am I just too tired to understand? :p
  3. no, not a link, just two separate rings that have the logo on them. and they are impossible to find.

    but yes, possibly too tired to understand! :p
  4. No sleep for the win!
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    Anyway....I just googled Batman logo lip rings and google is derp and gives me all those individually as well as Batman logo plugs, labret posts etc. Probably finding rings with the logo will be slim since it's hard to see the symbol. All mine were solid or striped. My labret posts always had little pictures though.
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  7. It seems my ''bump'' (of sorts) was effective XD
  8. LOL i cannot stop watching that! wow... that is absolutely hilarious!
  9. those may actually work, my lips aren't very thick so the only thing i am worried about is them being too long, so the ones that are for lips AND tongue i am not too sure will work, but i think those ones from hot topic may actually work! ^.^ thank you Hayley
  10. No problem :) I was procrastinating.
  11. lol, the only down side with those ones is i would have to buy two sets because i have snake bites, and they only come with one of each. but oh well, just will have to wait for my next pay... * impatiently waits two weeks*
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  13. o,o... I can seem to find anything besides the ebay and hot topic listings.. I did find a belly button ring and a nipple ring though... <,< ...But the latter wasn't really batman-ish...
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  14. Oh, I did find an image of what you may be looking for doing an image search, however I cannot seem to find a store that sells them.. t-t

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