Feelin down...

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I think i should find a friend shouldnt i?

Yep 4 vote(s) 80.0%
Nope 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Oh boy... once again i have managed to get my "morale" to -50....Not counting me being a mostly anti-social..."body part" to say. I have no clue what to do either...
  2. Read a book, me have that problems too sometimes, I read books, talk to my brothers or my dad, also walk to the parks work. And if it doesn't work anything of those for me, I go to my bedroom, and play the drums.
  3. Or I just skype and play tf2, or mc with my school friends :D.
  4. Thats what got me here :/ but thanks
  5. Ok... So make some EMC friends :D.
  6. If you cannot be happy by yourself, others will not make you happy either.
    "Friends" may distract you giving you less time to feel this way.
    Diet has a huge impact on how you feel. Winter time brings a lack of Vitamin D due to a lack of sunshine, which you really really need. Be sure to keep up on your healthy diet.
    +1 on instruments. Piano, and learning the guitar is what I try to do!
    Then there is EMC, exercise, foods (ya healthy and in limited quantities), museums, books, plays, movies, parks, bars, clubs, the gym, and tons more to do in life. (Skydiving is my next adventure...I hope)
    If you do not like to be anti-social, force yourself to go out!
  7. Go to the gym( if you have 16 years :D).
  8. 5 months till that i am going there tho in gym class