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  1. So as some of you may know I am building a museum with lots of custom EMC items at 14006. I am posting this thread because as I go along I will be posting possible ideas for the museum and I would love everyone's feedback!
    P.S. You may have seen my first [Vote] Post but this will be where I post all future options

    The first idea I have is for the 6x20 space right above the entrance. 2014-02-18_20.15.54.png
    right now I have a big EMC up there, but what do you think? Should I try to bold the letters? Should I put MUSEUM? Should the letters be in diamond? I am open to any feedback so please tell me your ideas!
  2. I like to consider such things from customer/client POV.

    Are you looking to attract people walking by? If so, having something somewhere signifiying it is a Museum would be good. So people know what it is and come have a look.

    Maybe a few items/statues on display outside. Or Museum written large somewhere.

    "EMC Museum" in big letters if you can fit it, is what i suggest.
  3. Good idea, maybe ill take out the top window
  4. Something no one has done yet with EMC history is actual written history of EMC. :p

    There are no stories around of early EMC. Other than tributes to notable people (like Justin's tribute). You should include a library of EMC.
  5. I realise it might be a lot of work to rebuild, but what about reversing the build. So have the pillars and museum set back in about 10 blocks, with the 'foyer' entrance poking out to the road, with the huge writing poking out. So it is more visable from different angles.

    Just an idea.. don't know if it'll work.
  6. New Design, I was originally going to switch the black clay with diamond, but I kind of like it like this 2014-02-18_20.53.10.png
  7. I dont' like it. :) it clashes too much, hard to read.

    Can you Shorten the windows on either side, and stretch it out more, one color. I think shortening the windows will also draw the eye to the name more.