FDNY21's 300th Day!

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  1. Hey guys, it's my 300th day tomorrow! I thought that because of reaching this, I should share what I think I have most achieved in that time, hopefully at least some of you are interested in that :p

    My first few days of EMC I was helped by CaptainCraft300, and I lived 2 residences away from her first res, my res being number 18308.

    In the time that I stayed there (200 days ish maybe a bit more :p) I made about 20,000 rupees (I have uhh a bit more now xD), 2 shops, mushroom storage rooms, firework tower, farms, a few other less useful things and finally a few days before I moved, a fire truck people could hop into :p

    Then, I moved all of my stuff to BTHarrold98's residence, so I could move residences. I chose the residence 18318, this was BTHarrold98's, then KJHaddrell01's and he was kind to pass it over to me :)

    At the new residence I made the stables and outer walls, with the door to my residence too first. Then I made the storage and moved my valuables from BTH's res to my res. After that, 18318 had a shop, public bin, museum, hotel and animal farms added. And also the enchantment room and redstone works rooms :p

    Recently however, I destroyed the shop, and the farms, and the public bin, and reduced the sizes of stuff, and also I made the museum look really old and I made it abandoned. I also had gold for a short amount of time and claimed 18029 but I may give that res to my alt account soon :D

    Within the last week I dug out a 5 high 60x60 area out underneath my residence. Soon to be there should be a sugar cane farm, cow killing area and hopefully I can move my storage down there too!

    If you want to know more about my history in EMC or anything at all please reply to the thread or PM me :) Thanks to everyone for the congratz messages, and I shall see you all on the fields of EMC :p Seeya later guys :cool: ~FDNY21
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  3. xharo_der has recently become my brudda. there ya go haro :) Oh and haro here let me buy his super dragon poop so he is a legend. xD ~FDNY21
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  4. Good to know my friends think of me as a profitable marketing unit :p

    JK, you seriously wanted that crap (literally) so yeah lol
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  5. hahaha xD You make me smile :p ~FDNY21
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