Favrite call of duty gun. <3

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  1. Whats your favrite call of duty gun from any of the 8 relaesed games. Mines the PPsh-41 drum mag.
  2. Two Words. Ray Gun.
    Nuff said.
  3. ^^^ Agreed, but besides zombies, has to be the mp7 from MW3
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  4. Mosin Nagget if thats how its spelt from Black Ops which I havent really played in a while
  5. FAD with red dot and supressor
    -boss 32 moabs swag me out
  6. FAL, Modern Warfare 2, shoots fast and does a ton of game-breaker damage.
    Else, M14 Black Ops

    Haven't played MW3.
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  7. Mp7 for MW3
  8. MP7/MK14 MW3.
  9. AUG from blops =3
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  10. mp-5 and spas-12
  11. WA2000 or as I like to call it 'The Orca' from MW2
    I liked it not because it was a good gun(it was terrible), but because if you tapped the 'Y' button twice in a certain time increment it would remind me of a surfacing orca.
    That is all :D
  12. AUG/FN FAL/FAL from Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2
  13. I have 2.

    PP90M1 red dot sight + HBS
    SCAR-L hybrid + HBS

    mw3 rocks!
  14. MW1=give me any sub machine gun/assult rifle with double tap, i will destroy, i was beast at that game.
    mw2=ump45 silencer
    mw3=idk i didnt get to play much cause of my christmas present:broken xbox :(
    black ops=famas
  15. HArdcore Search and Destroy

    MSR with Supressor and Thermal

    im 30-0 in quickscopes

    add me and lets 1v1

    i still have to buy xbox live but when i do heres my gtag

  16. Agreed
  17. The m98B from Battlefield 3. Call of Duty is not my game.
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  18. Yeah its not everyone's cup of tea but for Battlefield I really don't like USAS + Frag combo.