Favortite Minecraft Youtuber.

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  1. My favorite minecraft youtuber would deffinetly be Ethoslab because of his GENIUS mob traps and his blaze grinder and because of his lets play series.
  2. PaulSoarsJr
    Name that has Lasers (Formally The David Super show)
    Heck my subscriber list is LONG!!!! :p
  3. mine are sethbling and discO XD
  4. BdoubleO100, VintageBeef, or PauseUnpause. GOSH I love the MindCrack guys :p
  5. Surprised nobody has said yogscast yet ( well supose they are slowing down on minecraft videos)
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  6. empire minecast,yogscast,slyfoxhound.
  7. Paulsoaresjr, chimney swift, yogscast, adamzometopmarks, captsparklez, tobyGames and MCMegaMayhem
  8. Paulsoaresjr,yogscast,tobyGames, antvenom, and captsparklez
    EDIT: Forgot Empire Minecast
  9. captainsparklez, anderzel,hatventures
  10. Yogscast, CaptainSparklez, ZackScottGames, TobyGames :)
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  11. Sethbling
    Generikb :D
    All redstone gods
    And monkeyfarm for his letsplay
  12. yogcast, generikB, sethbling, tyken132, empireminecast, captainsparklez
  13. Yogscast, captain sparkles , machinima , syndicate project, Vareide, and that is it
  14. Benedict_The_3rd (in not being bias :p)
    Avolotion <-- Joke don't worry I don't like them .

    the last two are a must watch