Favorite Weekdays: A Hidden Story

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  1. So, I have an interesting question for you all: when it comes down to it, how do you rank the days of the week? What are the best days, those that you look forward to? Which ones are the dreaded "doom-days" that haunt your thoughts?

    Currently, mine are as follows (from favorite to least favorite):
    1. Tuesday
    2. Thursday
    3. Saturday
    4. Friday
    5. Wednesday
    6. Sunday
    7. Monday
    Now, this isn't all that interesting, except when looked at in the context of the past. For example, just a few weeks ago, such as the end of September, the order was more like this:
    1. Friday
    2. Saturday
    3. Sunday
    4. Tuesday
    5. Wednesday
    6. Monday
    7. Thursday
    Talk about a change. And what about two years ago, let alone two months?
    1. Saturday
    2. Sunday
    3. Friday
    4. Wednesday
    5. Tuesday
    6. Thursday
    7. Monday
    Less of a change, but still, change. It's amazing, the things that could affect our week and cause us to associate different days with different people, places, and events. In my own week, it took a single person to send Tuesday, a mediocre, average day, and Thursday, which typically lounged near the bottom of the list, rocketing to the top. And as my typical habits of when I got work done slowly shifted, Sunday shifted downward with it simply because I began to associate it with cleaning and the much loathed preparations for Monday.

    We all have the ability to make a change in people's lives, even in the minute ways that they judge their oncoming weeks. It is we as people who have the power to make Mondays Mondays, to allow Wednesdays to stride among the hallowed days of Friday and Saturday.

    It is small, but it is something.

    So, in the usual tl;dr, what does your week look like? :) Every week tells a story, no matter how small, and I would love to hear what your week has to say. And no, you don't have to give a big background thing like I did; a simple list will suffice. :D
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  2. Interesting, looking forward to the responses.
  3. Tuesday
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