Favorite TV show?!

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  1. This thread is to discuss your favorite TV show(s)

    My favorite TV show(s)
    • NCIS
    • NCIS LA
    • Hawaii Five-O
    • Law and Order
    • Law and Order: SVU
    • Family Guy
    • The Simpsons
    • American Dad
    So what are your favorite TV show(s)?
  2. Simpsons!!! :cool:
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  4. Legend...ary.jpg
    How I Met Your Mother :p
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  5. TBH before the start of 2013 (when I got back to EMC) I had always thought MLP was a child's show, why do people above the age of 4 find it so interesting??? [Not hating on anything, just asking a question.]
  6. Let me answer that:
    I have no idea.

    Then again, there ARE alot of adult references that children wouldn't get, so it makes the show a little more interesting.
  7. I think that Family Guy was terrible in season 1, progressed and got pretty funny, but recently there has been a huge decline in episode quality. I think it's reaching it's end.

    With the Simpsons, they've almost been going for 25 years, and they have obviously a lot of ideas. They've started branching out and focusing on side characters more so it's not really "The Simpsons" it's more like "Springfield" now.
    Several "Moe" episodes in this last season. Second to last episode of the season was a "Carl" episode.

    American Dad is a good show, but it's also losing it's quality.
    Every episode:
    Roger does something stupid and is dumb.
    Steve is a little girl.
    Stan does something selfish.
    Francine complains.
    Jeff is still in space I think.
    Nobody cares about Claude.
    Hailey is upset with the family and dos something counter-productive.

    My list of favorite shows:
    Game Of Thrones (Last episode was pretty awesome)
    Breaking Bad (It's almost here :D)
    Psych (Been watching this for a while, still pretty interesting)
    White Collar
    The Walking Dead

    There are a few more but those are my top 5 for now
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  8. Knew I was forgetting Psych.

    As for what you said about the other shows:
    Very much true but I think they are still pretty good EXCEPT for The Simpsons, it feels as if they are running out of ideas :( it has been my favorite show for like 6 years now (yea been watching since age 8).
  9. I don't really watch a lot of TV. I would say South Park.
  10. I think you all know my answer to this.
  11. Hmmmmm.... Im guessing it is the same as what Jtc said?
  12. Right on.

    Also Walking Dead and Archer. :3
    Mainly MLP though.
  13. Really? First whovian to see this?
    A) doctor who
    B) Spongebob
    Other than that, I don't watch much tv :p
    Oh, and those shows on hgtv.
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  14. New Halo TV series and I don't even have to watch it to say it is.
  15. New.... WHAT?
  16. The Morning news?
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  17. LoL...
  18. Bro, get on my level! That is everyone's... They announced it at Xbox ones release and Steven Steilburg(or however You spell it xD) is directing it
  19. Is that the one Spielberg is producing?
    I thought that was going to be a movie :I
  20. It's a TV show, he is directing it, and it isn't out yet. Also they made a movie (well 343 did) called Halo 4:Forward into Dawn