favorite thing to say.

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  1. just post your favorite thing to say.
  2. I can't. It included several profanities.
  3. My favourite clean statement would be: "I don't know what you're talking about.." followed by a cheeky grin. :p
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  4. Sounds fake.
  5. Also i like to say "NOPE,CHUCK TESTA"
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  6. "nom" no, i will not elaborate
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  7. "Somebody died doing that.
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  8. "Oh god a creeper"
    Nope, ChuckTesta!!
    My Favorite thing to say is...
    I don't know what to say.
  9. "Me no gusta" I use that all the time.
    As well as when someone tells/asks me to do something, I salute and say "Will do". No idea where I got that from. xD
  10. Lol, to be a Spanish Grammar Nazi: No me gusta.
    Another fun thing to say: When someone says something like "wow this restaurant is a major disappointment" I stand up stiff and salute saying "Major Disappointment!" I actually got a whole café cracking up once, I was somewhat surprised.
    (It also works with "General Lee")
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  11. Quite literally, might I add.
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  12. Depends on the situation.

    If something goes wrong: CRAP IN A HAT!
    Something good happens: wOOt!
    Being Random: Moo
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  13. omfg my friend say moo all the time
  14. did you by any chance play alot of runescape? i have a few friends who played it a long time ago that moo alot
  15. Haha Yeah. But I don't remember if I started it from Runescape or not.
  16. "Blame it on Brandon"
  17. poofballs on u
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  18. Hahaha poofballs! I love it :D
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  19. :)
  20. Mine are all not family appropriate, all i can tell you is one is a hand motion. ;) (Troll)

    I don't really say a certain thing that often, maybe when i play COD:
    "The only reason they win is because my gun, Chuck Norris, says they can. By the gun jamming and being a POC of course."