Favorite Texture Packs?

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  1. Any of you guys have a favorite texture pack that you use? Also if you use a patcher say that too!

  2. Dokucraft and its many forms seem popular with many players, but I like a few others, too.

    - Glimmar's Steampunk
    - Kingdom of Rausk
    - Lord Trilobite's Norsecraft
    - Wayukian
    - Skyrim Reloaded x64

    Some do need a patcher.
  3. Glimmar's Steampunk
    Summer Fields
    Last Days

    some need patcher or optifine
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  4. RAWr
    Tab Craft
  5. Default texture pack 16x16 xD
    Dukocraft light 64x64
    Last Days 64x64
    LB photo realism 250x250
    Custom made one (Me) is a 64x64 default texture pack (It make the textures sharper so in the end it looks 16x16 but its 64x64)
  6. Where can I download your texture pack? I would like to try it.
  7. Oh well its not on a website (I have only done the basics e.g wood stone cobble... i didnt do the items... (How can Ipost it?) it wont let me put it on mediafire :/

    EDIT (I didn't make the wools 64 bit too)
  8. You could email it to me ;)

    Message me for my email. (I'm not going to post it on to forums)
  9. Xaiwaker and Jolicraft!
  10. Im on my laptop what its not on >:[

    actually I will try uploading it to the DT forums :)
  11. Oh ok lol, good luck!
  12. My all time favorite is Wayukian texture pack! I've used many others, but I just LOVE this one!
  13. Ah ha I have my test (Not remake 16) but a 64 one me and 3 friends made :)
  14. Misa's 64x64 Realistic Texture Pack
  15. Ah I forgot I only have my 1.7 one :mad:
  16. Lol
  17. :( it's really bugging me every update i have to remake it (Like 6hours work :( )
  18. Yah that would suck.... Let me know when you have it and are able to email it to me ;)
  19. Ok Will Do (It will be when I have the time and my mates are able to help )
  20. Ok :)
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