Favorite super hero or movie character?

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  1. Hello EMC, I'm interested in hearing who your favorite super hero or movie character is and why?

    I'll start:
    Favourite Movie character/Hero: Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe series

    Why? This guy is just pure epicness. Not only does he look cool, but he is crazy good with a sword and back flips and stuff. To top it off, he looks sweet holding a gun.

    Who's your favourite?
  2. Arm-Fall-Off Boy
  3. Batman. That is all.
  4. ron burgudy, austin powers, and the kid who almost killed bella after running his van into her.
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  5. ICC. Super hero cow counts, don't it? Or maybe Tony Stark.
  6. He is Captain Empire. the empireian rip off of captain america
  7. Well......unsurprisingly I'm going to go with Iron Man and every movie RDJ's Iron Man has been in.
  8. Snake Eyes is my favorite of course! Ghast Eyes.
  9. well, that was unexpected
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  10. O flash gordon you say good choice >.>

    Got to say Batman or Goku.. tough choice
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  11. not quite

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  12. Hockey masks are so outdated.