Favorite Strategy Game

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  1. What is your Favorite strategy game. It can range from any sub-genre for it.
  2. Mahjong :D
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  3. Age of Empires 2
  4. Tie between Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Age of Empires 2.
  5. AoE II & Total War Series + Risk, stratego and chess :)
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  6. I forgot about Total War. Its sweet! Along with the other games
  7. Axis and Allies.
  8. Starcraft 2.
  9. All of the Above
  10. My #1 is Starcraft Broodwar Terran Campaign. :)
  11. W0W that was the best of all, my favourite was the valkyrie i <3'd when i first saw her :p
    Broodwar wins in campaing with terran campaign THO starcraft 2 is better 'cause of the HD graphics and stuff..
  12. I find SCII to be way to easy, until the final mission, even on Hard... ;)
    However, I do love it as well. :)
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  13. easy? :eek:
    i just got to hard on half the campaing, i guess im bad :(
    Ill check with you maybe we could play a match when i buy the lifetime code of it :D
  14. I felt spoon fed on the whole thing up till the Kerrigan fights... :)
    I am not sure we will be able to battle it out, my Laptop with SCII is gone and I haven't tried to put it on my iMac yet...
  15. :(
  16. C&C

    Because Tank rush is a strategy.

    KEKEKE !!
  17. Another is Rndwar
  18. All the total wars, age of empires, Civs, and Grepolis