Favorite SSP mods!

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  1. hey empirians! suddenly i have started playing SSP a lot more, and i was wondering what your guy's favorite mods are for SSP.
    now to clarify, i dont mean mods like shelf mod or little blocks mod, i mean something that mods your game so much that you cant even try to go onto multiplayer.
    also, it can be any combination of mods to make it more realistic, more challenging, even more playable, etc.
    try to include a link too! that way we can all find it.
    no texture packs are not mods. LOL.
    and if anyone cares this doesnt mean that im leaving. im using a different computer than i usually play on to mod :D
  2. ill start: terrafirmacraft. great mod, but i dont have a link for it.
  3. I dont have mods
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  4. oh and i think oid has a bad feeling about mods. i dont mean cheat mods oid :D i mean things that are more for fun like little blocks + little people mod. pure heavenly fun in SSP.
  5. Too many items, tales of kingdom, hack/mine,
  6. Technic Pack Tekkit
  7. i like industrial craft and build craft
  8. wow tekkit is huge.
    tales of kingdoms is great :D
  9. NONONONONON i dont have any cuz i have a mac
  10. Redpower and Railcraft.

    That's no reason not to mod! You can install mods via MCPatcher too.
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  11. I'm on a mac....you can't find the minecraft folder right! I will give you the link.
  12. haha macs all have that problem. they are just hard to find. one reason why im always going to stick with what i know ;)
  13. Tekkit! Yogbox Hack/mine and EVERYTHING on Technic Launcher :p
  14. AMCO mod pack :D
  15. YogsBox, Technic Pack, Hack/Mine. Also, give thaumcraft a try. It is fairly interesting.
  16. x-ray, hacker, cheat pack, toomanyitems, autobuilt, city builder... jks i only have the toomanyitems mod, rei's minimap, cheat pack (stupid name for it :p so much fun having an fortune 10 million full invent from one ore :) and extra arrows, floodgate, and have tried 50 million times to get the invasion mod and sdk mod D: oidgod, I'm on mac to :)