Favorite part of a song?

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  1. Is there a certain part of a song that you like? Like a certain part of the lyrics or a good part of the song in general? Post it here, and remember to keep it appropriate knowing that some songs have some naughty naughty language in them :)
  2. About 1 minute into Paradise by coldplay. Though most of the song is cool. Probably one of my favourite songs.
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  3. Oppa gangnam style!
  4. the first minute or so of ten years gone by led zeppelin and from about 3:10 to the end of the song for layla by derek and the dominos.
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  5. Mine depends on my moods.

    I guess the chorus of Pork and Beans by Weezer.
    I'mma do the things
    That I wanna do
    I ain't got a thing
    To prove to you
    I'll eat my candy
    With the pork and beans
    Excuse my manners
    If I make a scene
    I ain't gonna wear
    The clothes that you like
    I'm fine and dandy
    With the me inside
    One look in the mirror
    And I'm tickled pink
    I don't give a hoot
    About what you think

    Then when I'm having a bad day:

    (Some troll posted on my page last time I posted this. No this does not mean I want to be a cross dresser.)

    "I Don't Wanna be
    I Don't Wanna be me
    I Don't Wanna be me anymore"

    And nearly every Foo Fighters song seems to relate to me somehow. lol.
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  6. Mmm all great songs
  7. 3:06 on this song:
  8. From about 00:00
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  9. The parody for "Hot problems" which is made for gamers
    I love the text, Howewer, He sings awfullly!
    Gamers we have problems too,Were just like you, Except that were smart,smart,smart..."
  10. Wait , Just to check, You are joking about the banned part??
  11. -.- do you live under a rock? Im not joking
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  12. The final chorus of this song is pretty awesome.

    From about 5:45 on is way too epic to even begin to describe.

    The first I heard the chorus to this song I started laughing. I was like, "This cd is going to be awesome". The following song does contain naughty, naughty words, so listen at your own risk.
  13. Strawberry fields. Search it in Youtube.
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