Favorite films?

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  1. Hey emc i was wondering what films are your favorites?
    Im sure there has been a thread like this but i want to know what you guys like
    Some of mine are;
    Austin powers
    ghost busters
    police academy
    Jurassic park
    Anchor man
    The other guys (most films with will Ferrel)
    Puss in boots
    Robots (can recite every word to this :3)
    Spongebob :D
    Saw series
    Final destination
    Fast n furious
    Tom and jerry (best cartoon ever)
    Any many others but yeh :D i love watching films
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  2. Let Me In, District 9, Black Swan, Star Wars original trilogy only, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Men Who Stare At Goats, Zombie Land, Sweeny Todd actually pretty much any Johnny Depp or Tim Burton, Crank, I'll stop here to keep the list short but there are a lot more:).
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  3. Oh and Batman Begins and The Dark Knight:).
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  4. Let Me In. Yes I already listed it but its the greatest movie ever so it deserves to be listed twice.:D
  5. Wow totally forgot about batman, monty python, zombie land and Sweeney Todd i can also recite all the words to that :D
  6. All the not serious at all movies......
  7. How could you not like movies:confused:?