Favorite EMC Moments

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  1. Hello again everyone!I have decided to make my own little poll were everybody says there favorite moments. So here is how im planning for this to work: I will have this thread up for maybe a week,and within that time you must post a comment on what your favorite EMC moment is. T o make things easy for us, please make sure nobody has said what you are going to sa. If they have said it,please just Like their post. This makes it much easier to count. After the week this is up,the top 10 shall be posted in a poll and then we shall see the true,best moment on EMC.
  2. my favorite moment by far,is the april fools day prank :D
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  3. my favorite moment was where: Justinguy said " LET THERE BE EMC!!!" and EMC was born ;)
  4. My favorite moment was when everyone on smp3 was at /fun.
  5. My favorite moment is when ICC blew up a entire residence with TNT. Good times, Good times...
    • The ICC and TNT incident.
    • April Fools Day Prank
    • My first day on EMC
    • When I did a huge 60k give-away in fun games on SMP2 :)
  6. aw i wish that i was there.... that sounds awesome...
    yeah i guess who DOESNT love their first day on EMC :D
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  7. like my new avatar everyone?
  8. -Hitting the 20k mark ;)
    -Dancing with NurseKilljoy at Candy Land!
  9. When the Empire Arenas were still open. Used to be a fun place to fight mobs to the death. Too bad it closed.