Favorite Drink?

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  1. What are the members of the glorious Empires favorite drinks?
  2. Iced Tee!
  3. Yeah Iced Tea is awesome, prob tied with MtnDew for me. I also have a weakness for energy drinks, Monster Imported is my fav...
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  4. MtnDew is good too, drank alot the year I was in the US, over here in europe its not that common though. Or runs under other names.
  5. I am a fan of orange juice.

    No scurvy for my gums, yup yup yup!
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  6. I had a really freakin delicious Long Island Iced Tea the other day. So that.
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  7. Good reasoning ;-)
  8. I like potatoes and potato based drinks.
  9. So vodka for you then. :)
    Vodka is my 2nd favorite liquor. :)
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  10. Oh, are we doing alcohol now?

    Or with food:
  11. An "Old fashioned"
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  12. Scotland's other national drink:
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  13. Hard choice, here.

    - Ice Tea
    -Mountain Dew
    - Coke Classic

    - Dalmore Whiskey
    - Four Horsemen (1 shot each of Jack, Jim, Jose, and Triple Sec.)
  14. Love this brand, advert is #Winning :D

    Parental Guidance is recommended :p

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  15. I just wish for clean water one day to arrive in Europe :(
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  16. #Awesome! :)
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