Fastest Spawner

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  1. What is the faster spawner to make a Xp Grinder from?
  2. Cave Spider.
  3. Faster meaning fastest to build, fastest to get 50 levels, or fastest to run from?
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  4. to get to 50 lvls
  5. Prob Blaze
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  6. The best you can get is a Blaze Spawner on Utopia. Double will only make it better
  7. Yes, it is probably blaze, as Nole said. (I was too busy answering that bombardment of questions.)
    However, blaze grinders are terribly hard to find and even tougher to build without proper experience or tutoring. Usually, a double spawner of Zombies/Skeletons will work quite efficiently. A darkroom spawner can also work well; however you are subject to the mob cap reaching the limit and your grinder effectively stopping.
  8. I have a Double zombie with a Darkroom connected i can really recommend that and its on Utopia aswell :)
  9. I have a double spawner in smp9 (not blaze) and i went from 22-30 in like 5min. Skeles are great if you make it a drop-trap.
  10. WEll i have a skele spawner with a a crude trap connected to it. It doesnt do very well
  11. One skele spawner?
  12. I have a Blaze on SMP2 and it work pretty awsome.
    BUT,They are correct, You need alot of stuff and time to build one, But you do get Blaze Rods so it has a extra + in the corner :)
    If I have like 200blaze I get from lvl 1 to lvl 30 :)
    (I think)
  13. Im Making A Blaze Spawner On Utopia Soon I Have The Cords :p
  14. Why on utopia how come not any smp's
  15. Cuz USUALLY supporter dont grief
  16. Whats the mob cap on utopia?
  17. I just made a res on utoptia and onl have 24k with no enchated picks. Somebody help me out? I dont grief. I enjoy mineing together and building things together.( Only in the wild)
  18. in this month i have found 5 blaze spawners and 2 of them are close together :)