fast iron generator needed, with golems.

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  1. i will pay 25000r to someone who can make a working iron gen.
    it needs to be the iron golem kind. thanks!
    please pm me with your details.
  2. thats a lotta money!
  3. considering Pthagaard sold one for 500k Im thinking your 2500r is not all that much money
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  4. yeh 500k for one that is slow as of other players -.-
  5. well, yer either gunna make money or ur not. ur choice
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  6. It would cost WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY moe that 2500r to even MAKE this in materials... LOTS of lava, LOTS of water, LOTS of villiagers, and like 1k worth of cobble
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  7. Ever been to utopia?
  8. Iron gen??
  9. The wild is the best iron gen ever.
  10. yes, but i supply dat-o never mind, il do it mahself
  11. I'm sure they would be illegal as you get iron from the iron golems
  12. Nope they are allowed and there is one at slime town on utopia.
  13. Well you better hurry up as EMC will update to 1.3 in about a week
  14. Why are they getting rid of iron golems in 1.3?
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  15. Don't know haha
  16. Then y did u say that..he has all the time in the world
  17. ...What legit said...